Terms and Conditions for Electronic Real time Direct Debit Authorisation

  1. I/We hereby authorise my/our designated bank or Stored Value Facility Licensee (“SVF Licensee”, has the meaning in the Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 584) of the Laws of Hong Kong) to effect transfer from my/our account to that of “China Friend Development Limited” in accordance with such instructions as my/our bank or SVF Licensee may receive from “China Friend Development Limited” from time to time provided always that the amount of any one such transfer should not exceed the limit, if any, as specified.
  2. I/We agree that my/our bank or SVF Licensee shall not be obliged to ascertain whether or not notice of any such transfer or reversal notice has been given to me/us.
  3. I/We jointly and severally accept full responsibility for any overdraft (or increase in existing overdraft) on my/our account which may arise as a result of any such transfer(s).
  4. I/We understand that I/we must maintain sufficient funds in the account at the time of the transfer authorised herein. I/We agree that should there be insufficient funds in my/our account to meet any transfer authorised herein, my/our bank or SVF Licensee will be entitled, at its absolute discretion, not to effect such a transfer in which event my/our bank or SVF Licensee may levy its usual charges and may cancel this authorisation at any time without notification to me/us. For the avoidance of doubt, my/our bank or SVF Licensee may cancel this authorisation at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice.
  5. This real time direct debit authorisation shall have effect until further notice or where applicable until the expiry date written on the authorisation (whichever shall first occur). I/We agree that if no transaction is performed on my/our account under such authorisation for a continuous period of 30 months, the Bank reserves the right to cancel the direct debit arrangement without prior notice to me/us, even though the authorization has not expired or there is no expiry date for the authorisation.
  6. I/We agree that any notice of cancellation or variation of this authorisation which I/we may give to my/our bank or SVF Licensee shall be given at least two working days prior to the date on which such cancellation/variation is to take effect. I/We agree that my/our bank or SVF Licensee may notify “China Friend Development Limited” of such cancellation or variation.
  7. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall apply and prevail.
  8. I/We confirm that by clicking the “Accept” button on this page, I/we have fully considered and consented to the terms and conditions hereunder.